Chicago Boogie

Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers performing "Chicago boogie". Recorded in Uppsala (Sweden) at Grand in Dec 2007. Lindy Hop n' Boogie woogie by dancers from Swingkatten.

Lost on Los Olas

A hot track recorded live at Bistro Hijazz Uppsala, Sweden 2011.

Appears on the CD "Home Sweet Home".

True mood swinger, Hoodo hill, buona sera.


Recorded live at ålands sjödagar, 2014.



0046 (0) 739876286

Promo video for the Live CD "Home Sweet Home".

Hoodo Hill.


Recorded live at Bistro Hijazz Uppsala, Sweden, 2011.


What's the matter with you.


Last tune at the come back show at katalin 2018.